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Used Beovision 11-46, looking for opinions please

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JulianJ posted on Tue, Aug 7 2018 2:09 PM

Dear All,

I'm considering upgrading my trusty Beovision 5, which has served me well for many years! The BV5 is part of a Masterlink system connected to a number of active and passive link amps, a Beosound 9000, and an Overture. I have Beolab 8000's and 6000's for the TV surround speakers. I would like to retain all my current equipment which dates from the mid 1990's

There are quite a few 11-46's available second hand, priced from 3500 ukp upwards. I've searched this forum for information & most threads are dated around 2013 when the set was new, with the general consensus being very good. I'm sure it would be quite a step up from my current BV5 plasma, featuring SCART sockets and SD picture quality!

One issue I have with the BV5, when listening to music from a link source, there is an audible delay in the BV5 sound reproduction (this was well documented back in the days).

Will I experience the same audio delay with the BV 11?

Is the BV11 'optional' HDD preferable over a third party option?

Is the BV11 compatible with the latest Apple TV?

What is the general opinion on the BV11 now it is 5+ years old? 

Is it fair to assume my existing B&O collection is readily compatible with the newer technology?

What considerations should I have when choosing a used BV11?

Thank you in advance for any advice or opinions!

Kind regards to all,


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elephant replied on Tue, Sep 11 2018 11:24 AM

I have decided against purchasing an ML/NL converter at present

Good decision.

I feel you’ll start looking towards more NL products ... so better to invest in the future.

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gizze replied on Wed, Sep 12 2018 4:45 PM

It is interesting reading this thread as I had been trying to do a deal on a 11-40 recently, but the owner has decided he is sticking with it. 

Reading the reviews and the calibrated results it is actually a really, really good performing LCD display even compared with todays models. It always looked good in the showroom, but you can never really tell in a showroom, but seeing the review measurements you know it is not going to fall apart image wise when you get it in your front room with the lights down low. 

6000:1 ansi contrast and black level measured at 0.02 cd/m2 is beating most 2018 displays. That is beating the lastest Samsung QLED displays and the Sony FALD XF90. 


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Congrats for the last danish set (mk2).

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