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Optical sound from Samsung TV to BS Core

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Renesigk posted on Sun, Aug 5 2018 9:43 AM



Just got myself a Beosound Core to play music though and to use as sound from my Samsung television. Beolab 14 as speekers. 

Music though Spotify works great, but I just can´t get any sound from my TV no matter what I do.

What I have done and tried: Optical cable connected from the TV to the Core. Light i the cable works, so there is "power" in the connection and should work. From the B&O app I have set the Core to play from optical, but that just gives a silent buzz. TV´s speakermode has been set to both internal speaker and external with no result and I have updated the TV´s firmware just to be sure that wasn´t the issue.

I have even tried with a cable with a jack end and an optical, since I ealier had a small set of computerspeakers connected from the jack. Still no sound.

TV: Samsung LE40C755

Anyone who knows what the probleme might be? 


Kind regards, René

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Hi Dividr

I am getting to the same conclusion. It should auto-select the latest sound-input and therefore should play without problems. I can manually force the Core to play for variuos sources, including optical, but that doensn´t help in my case. 

Back to the store! Thank you everybody for your help. Don´t think there can be done much more at this point. Just to hope that the Bang and Olufsen-dudes can fix it or change my Core.

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1990 replied on Thu, Oct 4 2018 9:25 PM

Do you have an update? Is your set-up working?

I’m curious how the volume control works

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Annecy - France
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My Samsung frame is connected to my Core through the optical link. I control the volume with an Essence remote as well as the selection of other sources. All works fine, you just need to be careful when changing source to remember the difference in volume level, TV is significantly lower than TuneIn for example.

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