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Integration BM4500 - BL3500 - Samsung Smart TV

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Dear Beo5/6 Friends!!!

After reactivating my old Windows XP notebook, my configtool is running and I can access my new Beo5.

Now i will use my Beo system for a better sound on my Samsung TV, and of course using my "new" Beo5 for the TV functions. The system is shown in the attached PDF. The connection from the TV is via Toslink to a D/A converter to the Beomaster4500. The BM4500 is connected via MCL to my BL3500 (whic hangs under the TV)

Following question:

- Has anyone under Windows 10 get the old 32-bit driver for the Beo5 to run (not with a virtual machine!) Or is there a 64-bit driver? (my old XP notebook is not really in a perfect condition *smile*)

- Is there a "ready to play" XML configuration for a Samsung Smart TV (for example from the K series)? I have the following XML files: Samsung% 20SMART% 20TV% 20Functions% 20V2 and Samsung% 20TV.xml If no one has a finished XML, I would "build" from both files but I'm not the XML crack ....

- How can I program the hard keys with useful functions of the 3rd party (in my case Samsung), for instance the volumecontrol of the TV works over the rotary wheel and the arrow keys for the menu are usable?

- As I said before, I am not a crack, so I would be very happy to get hints for creating macros that can:                     1. A softkey that can do the following: Samsung TV on - Beolab3500 (it's connected via MCL with the Beomaster4500) (the same synonymous for switching off ...)

Thank you for your help!

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beojeff replied on Sat, Aug 11 2018 6:59 PM
I have a good xml file I can send you for a Samsung TV if you’d like to PM me. Samsung is pretty good about using the same Ir codes - at least for basic functions.
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I am also interested in the XML and tried to send you an email but it couldn't be delivered. Can you help?




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i created a xml file for new samsung smart tv's k-series and newer...

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