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Buying advice, 46 or 55 BV11

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Lekruse posted on Wed, Jul 11 2018 9:51 AM

Hi guys,


Ever since getting a demo of BV11-55 with Lab9's in my local shop, i've wanted that experience at home. After a while with a 55-inch non b&o setup (which have worked fine) I finally decided it's time to go full b&o and upgrade to a second hand BV11, as prices has come down and to get rid of my AVR under the couch :)

Space is limited in my new place, so i'm torn between getting the 46 or 55 inch version, mainly because of width, not wanting it to seem to cramped and aesthetics is important to me.

I have tried to draw up the size difference in my setup, so judging from that, my question is what size TV you would get?

Likewise which stand / mount would you go with in my particular setup ?

Finally, if you guys have any suggestions as to MK/generation of the TV to beware of, or focus on getting, it would be appreciated,


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Rob - Danish AV
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I thought it was good, then I sold the sub and set the speakers up properly and they sound great... no sub required

it was strange though, when the BL2 was connected, I had to tell the TV the BL9 were something else(BL8000 I used) as the sub would not work

not quite as much bass without sub,still enough to rattle the walls.

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rxcohen replied on Fri, Jul 20 2018 10:05 PM

A bit late in responding - but yes the 55 is the way to go. I had he same space issue but the 55 is so much more cinematic than the 46. In terms of versions, if you go for MK1 just check closely that there are no gaps in the foam on the inside of the screen (edge), or any dust for that matter. I have one the first MK1s and I do get a little light bleeding from the edges due to the foam not being quite right. I remember others had some dust on the inside of the screen. Otherwise the 55-11 is near perfect, and at current prices a bargain. 

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