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Beo4 issues, what are the odds?

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matador43 posted on Tue, Jun 12 2018 5:18 PM

Hi alls,

My Beo4 started acting weird yesterday and seems to no longer work. 

Here are the symptoms:

- Source selection work for a moment (like 20 sec) and then the remote is like frozen with last source selected.

- While it still work, I'm able to send some commands to my Ouverture. Some others like volume or CD FFW, will make the CD jump or will display "UNKNOW" on the Ouverture.

- If I remove batteries and wait like 30 min, when i start the remote again It seems to work as expected but only for 20-40 sec and start to behave badly from then.

- When frozen, the IR lights still blink for almost all keys : One short continuous blink when the key is released. As opposed to another working unit which fire less bright continuous strobe when the key is depressed.

I'm not really into electronics so my questions are:

- what are the odds a remote will burn out? I mean it's  pretty reliable electronics which as no stress on it (water, electric shock, heating…)

- Could be the "timed failure" as simple as just a burnt capacitor? There's two big of them inside the remote, even if none of them really look like damaged.

- I may find à cheap Beo "for spares" but the screen is off: is it possible/easy to swap screens between two remotes?

As a last information, some of you may remember that i once tried to add a Oneremote board on it, which need a track to be cut. I bridge the track again when I returned the board. What are the changes the added board did "wear" part of the electronics?

Thank you for your answers and please forgive me for any ignorance based assumptions! 



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