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Beogram 4004 not stopping and dead motor

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scott73 posted on Tue, Jun 12 2018 4:05 PM

First great site with so much amazing information, but can find my problem so here goes Smile

Picked up a Beogram 4004 on my travels, when plugged in i had to hold the play button down to get it to work, taking my finger off caused it to stopped. Had it apart and read that the pick arm motor needs to engage to make it go. The motor looked like it was not working so spun it manual and the deck starting going with holding the play button down. Wile trying to manually move the motor the old belt broke. Looks like the motor is not working and i need to source another one but cant find any.  Now the turntable will not stop going round and pressing the stop button does nothing?  Where should I start.


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Those turntables are over 30 years old now and require a full going over. If you are talking about the platter motor not working then Beolover (a Beoworld member) can rebuild it. If you are referring to the tangential arm motor then it is likely to be a control problem if the motor isn't running. The rest of the problems could be a combination of old electronic parts (i.e. electrolytic capacitors, trimmers and relays) starting to fail along with people attempting to adjust the mechanics without knowing what they were doing. Everything can be restored though and they are great turntables. Here are a couple of links you can look at - Beoworld Beogram 400x thread and Beolover Blog. Martin (Beoworld member Dillen) can supply the proper belts for the Beogram 4004.


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Thanks for the reply, and understand its a old deck. I'm working through each fault and trying to sort it bit by bit. The first job is sorting the arm motor. It has 12v going into the motor but its not working so needs a new one which I cant find from the motor part number Angry

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Dillen replied on Tue, Jun 12 2018 8:34 PM

You cannot buy a new motor.
You will have to repair the original. 


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