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Beolink PC2 / Windows 7 / Access violation

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nielso123 posted on Wed, Oct 31 2012 7:27 PM

I am new here and not particularly technically up to speed, so please forgive me.


So far i had a Beosound 3000 linked with my PC (working on Windows Vista/XP) by BeolinkPC2, working as Beoport. All was fine. Unfurtunately broke my Computer down and musted being exchanged.
My new Computer is now working on Windows7. As i now tried to reinstal my former installation was it not working anymore. I loaded the actual Version of BeoPort, which should work on Windows7, down. The installation in the beginning is runing quiet fine, also the USB is detected in installed. But than apears the problem. The configuration settings are not installed. On the screen is stated 'BeoPort Configuration initalizing.... Please wait! I waited long time and at least the computer was going in the energysaver modus but nothing happend. Under this smal window is an other window - called 'Config settings' and it is stated 'Ja' 'Nein'. While clicking on one of them appears an error message - called 'Access violation at address 0421D5E5 in module 'BEOIPCCONFIG.EXE'. Read of address 000000'.
So far is the BeoPort running and also enabeling me to listen to N.Radio and N.Music as well, but the sound is verry poor, without any bass and loudness. Actual a quality unknown by my B&O products before.

I have already uninstalled and installed the BeoPort software twice, even without antivirus. But unfortunately nothing changed.

Can anyone help me?


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