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Should I replace a BV9 with a BV11 55?

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mjmedlo posted on Thu, Oct 18 2012 4:55 PM


I have a BV9 currently, not an ACM model.  Absolutely no complaints about it.  In fact, the contrary

I still very much enjoy it.

However, I need a new tele for the master bedroom.  Currently have  a 3rd party panel there.  Was considering purchasing a BV11-55 for the main room and relocating the BV9 to the master bedroom.

I know the obvious advantages of 3d and SmartTV. . i fear that the sound of the BV11 will be inferior. . 

I have the BV9 connected to beolab 5s and beolab 3s and fear that the bv11 would not be able to keep up.. . 

My other concern is that I won't see a substantial 'gain' in purchasing this new set. . 



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PS4 will support 4K video, but not 4K game:

If Sony 4K 84" tv cost 25,000€, B&O 4K tv will cost more than 100,000€.

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I absolutely agree with moxxey on this one. 4K and 8K is the next "3D" of the TV manufactures, desperately trying to create a need for something new. Infrastructure is hardly, or just, catching up with HD and not at all ready for even more bandwidth. Content is what determines a success in that respect.

Just my 2 cents


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4k, even if upsampling from 1080p makes for a prettier picture on larger sized screens.

It is for this reason I don't own a large 1080 tv. I don't see the point of having to see the individual pixels after a certain diagonal size (which, of course will vary, depending on distance and eye sight).




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