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For sale: 6500 system (cd, tape, receiver and Beolink 1000) - Kent or Gloucestershire

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pepps Posted: Sun, May 20 2018 1:41 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm selling my Beosystem 6500 in silver and black. Before I pop an advert on eBay or Gumtree I thought I'd canvass for interest here. A far more civilised marketplace in my opinion.

The items and their condition:

Beomaster 6500: very good cosmetic condition, light stack marking to the top. I think this item needs a new mute relay. Sound through the left channel on Spkrs 1 comes and goes. Spkrs 2 function perfectly in both channels and both Powerlink sockets function perfectly. All inputs are fine.
This Beomaster benefits from having the special B&O RIAA amplifier board fitted directly to the PCB inside. I used it with a Beogram 5005 and needed this upgrade. This works perfectly so will enable the Beosystem to function nicely with a non-B&O record player.

Beogram CD6500: good cosmetic condition, some light scratches to the right hand side panel and a light scratch to the front panel. Very light though.
The player performs perfectly.

Beocord 6500: very good cosmetic condition. Plays and records tapes, rewinds, fast-forwards and skips tracks as expected. Could do with the small drive belt replacing as on older tapes the sounds tends to slip now and again. The large belt has been replaced.

Beolink 1000: good condition, this is a Mk3 version. (


These items are too valuable to send by post (I don't trust myself to pack them properly) so I'd like them collected from either Kent or Gloucestershire. The Kent location is Faversham (or not too far from), and the Gloucestershire location is Tewkesbury (or not too far from).


If anyone would like to make me a sensible offer or ask some further questions please do, otherwise I'll pop an advert out on some of the more common and tedious internet auction sites.
I have some photographs - just send me an email.


Kind regards,





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