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How to connect a 5.1 (Beolab 17) to my mac? Is there a powerlink ethernet hub?

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themihai posted on Thu, May 17 2018 11:36 PM


How can I connect my 5.1  (5 x beolab 17 , 1 x beolab 19) to my mac using digital connections only ?

  Currently I'm using an AVR(HDMI out into the AVR) and use the pre-outs to connect via RCA to the speakers.

   Given that Beolab 17/19  has digital connections(powerlink) and internal DAC I would like to get rid of the AVR and perhaps use a kind of hub/switch(USB/HDMI in , 6 x powerlink out) but I can't find any such details on B&O website. Is there any such solution? 

  BeoSound Core seems to support only 2 channels. 

  I don't have a BeoVision and I don't plan to buy one.

  I have a Beolab Transmitter 1 that proved to be unreliable so I would prefer wired/powerlink cables instead of WISA. 



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toptip replied on Sat, Aug 31 2019 5:27 AM

Why not use the Toslink input on the 17? Many Macs have Toslink out as part of the audio out. Or they used to, many now do not. In that case how about a HDMI to Toslink converter? Like this one,

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Please bear in mind that the Toslink input on newer Beolab speakers must only be used with a device that has a VOLUME CONTROLLED Toslink output (eg. Sonos Connect).  This means that converters cannot generally be used, as they normally give a fixed volume output that will set the speakers at full volume.

The best option for Beolab speakers is to use the correct fully shielded cables, to ensure good sound quality and full control of the volume:-

Kind regards, Steve.


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