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BeoGram 7000 arm movement issue

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BeoMedia posted on Wed, May 16 2018 12:07 PM


I have purchased a complete second hand BeoSystem 7000.

However, BeoGram 7000 has some issues.

  1. The sound is present from both channels but sounds awful. A muddy and distorted sound. I suspect the MMC4 that came with it is tired. The weight is set correctly to 1.2g. But could it be something else in the player? Worn out electronics?
  2. When pressing play, all starts ok. Plate starts to spin, arm moves towards the record and sets down as it should. Follows the record for a little while then struggles move along with the record so that the styles replays the same passage over and over again. I have manually moved the arm to the far left and then back again to the right by pressing <TURN and LIFT> buttons and this movement looks fine. But, following a record with small incremental movements is a more delicate movement.

What could be the issue here please? Is it perhaps old grease on the rails that need replacing with new white lithium grease? New belts? (but the arm can move).

Advise really appreciated please.

Regards, BeoMedia

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Sounds like the cartridge needs to refurbished to improve the sound quality.

Lack of arm movement could either be duff belt on the servo motor (I suggest you order a belt set from Dillen anyway) or blown bulb or light sensitive resistor in the servo mechanism under the rear of the arm carriage (not difficult to fix but fiddly).

Regards Graham

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Hi Graham,

Thanks for the input. Will try this. The MMC is being sent off for refurbishment and I shall check the servo belt.

This forums gives classical B&O equipment a second life Smile

Regards BeoMedia

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