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Beosystem 2500 - problem with door sliding mechanism

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8000Kristian posted on Mon, May 14 2018 8:34 PM
Dear BeoWorld.

I have inherited a Beosystem 2500 from my mother, who wanted something else.

The CD-laser isn't working, but who uses CD's these days anyway.

But annoyingly the doors doesn't open. And there isn't much about a Beosound Ouverture, when it's a Beosound Fermé... Whistle

My diagnose skills ain't that good, but I can see and hear that the door sensor is working. When I approach the unit, it lights up and I hear knocking sounds, as if the doors are trying to open, but is blocked.

I have searched the forum, but I haven't found someone with the same symptoms. Does anybody have a clue, what might be the issue? Confused

A young bloke in his early 20's with an expensive hobby..


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Robert replied on Wed, May 16 2018 11:30 AM

This BS2500 needs a service. There is a sensor to be cleaned and adjusted. Cable flow needs checks.

Where do you live? Possibly forum buddies can advise you here where to go in your area.

(have you considered connecting a multimedia hub for audio and internet radio streaming? Controled by an APP to make the BS2500 young again?)


Regards, Robert

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Steffen replied on Thu, May 17 2018 10:17 AM

Have a look at this thread:


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If you can hear some life inside your device when approaching the hand then it may be not as worse as it seems.
First thing is to remove the glass doors and check how the system behave without the glass weight. If it works, its likely bad lubrification or a worn belt.
if it still dont work it's a more deep issue like sensor, motor, electronics (luckily didnt ever go that far!) 

I always recommend :

- First, clean and lube the rails,
- If not enough, check belt.
- If not enough or as precaution if you feel it, check door align as show in the thread above. But it need full disassembly.

If it still dont work it's above my competence.

You'll find several topics and "how to"  for step 2 in this forum, you can search by my name.

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