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Beolab 5 issue

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Michael posted on Tue, May 8 2018 3:37 PM

Hello other Beolab 5 owners or fellow Beoworld guys,

6 months ago I became the lucky owner of a preowned 2012 set Beolab 5, so far so good.

Now I'm having an issue with one of the speakers, that kind of "forget/loose" the calibration once a week, where the green light flashes but still plays.

I must power off the speaker and put in calibration mode again, wait to that's done and every thing works fine again, for at least maybe a week or so when the problem comes back.

Any good ideas or maybe someone has had the same issue, and found a fix or a repair from B&O?

Lets hear it from the experts.


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I have my pair with issue. One who begins its calibration and doesn't stop it, it stays at a level of the calibration and is not able to continue. It works well despite this issue.

The other one is recently having pb. When it power on and works it works great but regulary I have to unplug it because it doesn't react to powerlink command of stop and start. So it can stay red or green depending of the situation.

I will soon try another mk2 cable.

Otherwise I hope it's just a question of eprom.





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danne99 replied on Tue, Dec 25 2018 11:40 PM

Hello!  I just wonder what numbers youre serial starts with?

And what year came the 3.30 software and what differs from 3.20?

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