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BeoLab 4000 Active Loudspeakers

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iluvyoga posted on Thu, Apr 26 2018 4:58 PM

Does anyone know the answer before I bring these into a B & O store?   My BeoLab 4000 Active Loudspeakers have the green light and my BeoSound 4000 CD/Cassette is working.  I have no sound coming out of the speakers.  I connected my BeoLab 2500 Speakers and the sound is there!   I clean all of the connections to make sure there was no accumulated dust particles.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!

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Ulrike replied on Thu, Apr 26 2018 11:33 PM


since nobody replied, here's my multi solution Smile to try first.

Power off everything, wait a minute and then reconnect.

Would you tell me if it worked, please?

Just out of curiosity.

If it works, well, I really would do not know what to say ...

Clearing cache would be easy for everyone having access to it. And implementing this into a software is simple.

I hope it doesn't work Embarrassed

Nevertheless all the best.


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egges replied on Fri, Apr 27 2018 1:07 PM

have you checked the position of the switch: L/R/Line?

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