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Beo5 Problem Word "BAR" on Screen

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bstillwell Posted: Thu, Apr 5 2018 8:23 PM

Just bought Beo5 2013 Model but when you tap home screen you see the word "BAR" and you cant seem the get into a lot of the settings to adjust eg in Homemedia screen unable to get into any of the menus.

Does it have a lock ? to stop you using it OR do i have a unit that just does not work.


Thank You



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Hi Everyone

Further to my first post abou Beo 5 problem CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP OR ADVISE !!!!!

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lausvi replied on Sun, Apr 8 2018 4:44 PM

Beo5 needs to be configured to match your setup. What you have sounds like the previous owner only had one Zone in it, called Bar, and nothing else. If you want more sources to it, you need to re-configure the remote (done by dealer or by yourself with the Configuration Tool).

Keith Saunders
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As stated, you are using the previous owners downloaded configuration.

However, you can use the "Standard" fixed configuration built into the firmware by going into the customer menu

To enter the customer MENU press the STANDBY and centre OK buttons at the same time.

Then press CONFIG then press STANDARD

With the standard configuration you can use all the common commands.

Regards Keith....

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