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Beovision 5 general questions

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Graham1982 posted on Wed, Mar 28 2018 9:52 PM

Dear all:


I used to be a regular (perhaps too regular) contributor on here and since acquiring a Beovision 5 in December, it is likely I am going to be back.


I really like this TV, picked up a nice unit in Leicester and I haven't looked back. The sound is amazing and as long as you aren't sitting a foot away from it the picture looks brilliant (or good enough) for me.


My questions are as follows:


1. Mine is on the floor stand/base that makes the TV lean backwards slightly. Does it only have one position or can it sit vertically?


2. Mine does not come with the DVI connector. Is it possible to buy this as a spare part and put this into the unit myself or would there be only a space on the board without pads to solder or is there a connector.





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Rob - Danish AV
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TV is on the same angle regardless. of the stand or base. You could track down a wall mount and it would be flat to the wall.


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