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Beolab 2000 : Red Light stays on and cannot be switched on

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Gardener posted on Tue, Mar 20 2018 4:20 PM

My Beolab 2000 has been working fine until about a week ago.

With the power plugged in, the red light would come on.

However, when I press the PLAY button on the side of the front panel, it wouldn't switch on and the red light wouldn't turn green.

Nor would it respond to my Beo4 remote at all. The only button that "works" is the Timer on the front panel which turns on the far right red light when pressed once.

Has anyone come across this before or could offer a solution please? Thanks.


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Good morning,


i am having the same issue after not using this piece of equipment for about 8 years. the red light comes on and stays solid but i cannot change any settings even using the Beo4 controller.


i bought a cable which override the masterlink box and plugs directly into the speaker at rear and to and iPod through Sounds Heavenly UK but nothing works. Steve from Sounds Heavenly has been excellent in offering solutions but again nothing seems to work and the red light stays on standby..


did you manage to sort your issue out please and how




Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Gardener and Wayneklapko,

Welcome to Beoworld!

Gardener, I would suggest re-checking all the Masterlink connections first - please power off all connected devices and then unplug and re-seat the ML plugs, ensuring they click firmly into place.  Power on the devices and allow them a few minutes to communicate.

It may also be worth testing your remote control by holding the camera of a mobile phone up to the IR emitter at the tip of the remote, you should see a pink/purple flash of light on the phone screen when you press buttons on the remote control.

Wayneklapko, I would suggest taking your speaker to a friend to try it on their ML network if possible, from our previous correspondence I understand that you just have the one Beolab 2000 speaker that hasn't been used for a few years and this does sound like a faulty speaker that needs attention by a repairer as we haven't been able to get it working be resetting or changing the option settings.

Kind regards, Steve.


Founder of Sounds Heavenly Cables and Brand Ambassador for Bang & Olufsen

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