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Beoplay E8 Earphones - Very Disappointed!!!

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EL1 posted on Mon, Mar 12 2018 9:55 PM

Here's an excerpt of my last note to B&O Support:

I'm having two, intermittent but recurring problems since purchasing these in-ear earphones in January 2018 and it's beginning to really concern and annoy me, considering the cost of these earphones and the time for B&O support to respond. 

1) Per a previous email to support, the the left and right earphones momentarily lose connection with each other (one stays on while the other briefly switches off then back on), when connected to my iPhone X with the latest iOS updates 11.2.6. This happens whether I'm sitting still or walking or jogging. The iPhone is only kept in my pocket or otherwise no more than 20 inches away.

I was told to reset the earphones and delete Beoplay E8 from my iPhone and laptop settings, then re-pair with each device. This seemed to have stopped the intermittent cutoff for about a week or so, before it happened again. This happens about once a day, while using the earphones normally a couple of hours each day.

2) The earphones are paired with my iPhone X and MacBook Pro (ver. 10.13.3). When I want to listen to something on my laptop after listening on my iPhone the previous day, I usually need to manually disconnect Beoplay E8 in my Bluetooth and select it in my MacBook BT settings. However, the iPhone will continually re-connect to the earphones, regardless. I need to turn off BT on the iPhone to disconnect and prevent it from reconnecting to the E8s.

Then, when I try to select Beoplay E8 on the MacBook Pro BT settings, it disappears. I try to confirm turning on the earphones, but the LED doesn’t turn on again. I have to place them into the recharging case for a moment to turn off the earphones, then remove them and turn them on. I do this 2 or 3 times before Beoplay E8 finally shows up under my MacBook Pro Bluetooth settings. Finally, after all this, I’m able to manually select Beoplay E8 under the Speaker output settings. 

I have to do this EVERY TIME that I use the Beoplay E8s between these two devices. Am I doing something wrong or is there an easier method?

And yes, I have already reset the E8 earphones and re-paired with both devices a couple of times already and the issue persists. Firmware is the latest update available also.

I've noticed other posts relaying similar issues. Considering the lack of support or follow-through from B&O to address any of these issues, I'm going to sell these soon.

Very unfortunate, considering the sound quality is quite good for in-ear earphones. 

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