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MLGW settings

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Edoardo posted on Mon, Feb 26 2018 8:02 PM

I replaced the BEO4 remote with another one, but last version (with that sort of joystick in the middle). To use it with my Beovision 7, I needed to set the TV for this version of remote. Now it's OK, but when I use my mobile (an iPhone 6), some commands are not functioning. So I should make the same settings I made in the TV even in the MLGW. I don't know how to program the MLGW. could someone help me with this?

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Hello I have not looked at the MLGW but In the BLGW you need to tell it which remote you are using for each device for the commands to work

In the blgw this is under the interfaces tab not sure about MLGW, make sure you backup the config first

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