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Homekit (homebridge) Integration Beoplay and bsys4.

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L1NO posted on Sat, Feb 17 2018 9:30 PM

I've been digging into 'homebridge'  (Raspberry PI and software that makes devices homekit available) to control non-homekit items.

So far i've been able to control volume from the beoplay and essence/core platform trough homekit. I'm now looking if more commands are available.

(Using the 'thermostat' accessory i'm able to control volume and also turn the device on/off)


I'm also looking forward to get bsys4 controls but did not struck oil yet. (!) Does anyone have any information how the app's or gateway communicates with bsys4 tv's? Control's alike the new beo app would be great integration.

Also i've created a plugin that can activate a homekit scene from a beo4+ remote  (light command) using a beolink eye connected to the PI. When ready i'm sharing the plugin's at NPM.


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