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BeoSystem 4, BeoVision 12, BeoMaster 5

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Sjock601 posted on Wed, Feb 14 2018 1:31 AM

I recently upgraded from a BeoSystem 3 to a BeoSystem 4.  When turning on the BeoSound 5 for just music only, the BeoVision 12 comes on also and defaults to a blank screen which appears "backlit."  When I am just sitting in that room listening to just music, I really don't care to see a backlit TV screen.  It is very annoying to me.  Is this a problem with the BeoSystem 4 too?  Had the same problem with the BeoSystem 3 but thought it would have been fixed with the BeoSystem 4.  Does anyone know if there is a fix for this problem?  In a dark room it is really noticeable.  

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the behaviour is configurable. If I remember it right, there are three options:

1.     Display source (e.g. N.MUSIC)

2.     Automatic / Timer (turn off screen via timer after X seconds)

3.     Do not turn on TV (the TV starts up, but turns off again within a very short time)

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Doc Leisure


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