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MLGW macros not executed

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mackaroni posted on Sun, Feb 4 2018 4:18 PM

Hi all,

there are Beovision 11, Moment, Essence and Masterlink Gateway linked in home network by LAN (switch).

It is possible to execute macros by signals from KNX shown by MLGW-monitor, but no effect to TV or Moment...

Normally i use the BeoremoteOne (registered to Beovision),

many thanks for your help


first of all, i would like to wake up BV11-46...

UPDATE: found a problem: in Customer Settings Menu/ in option Reroute light control there are links to Moment/Essence/M5

but NO MLGW was mentioned, a few minutes later MLGW was seen but only for a while!?

Sometimes the web panel/setup menu seems to be offline...??

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