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BV7-40, BEOLAB 5s and SPDIF Input

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nigelreece posted on Mon, Oct 8 2012 8:36 PM

My previous set up for playing lossless files from my MAC through my Beolab 5's was through a V-LINK 192 with my overture playing any random CD.  In Option 0 the Beolab 5s recognised the CD output, saw a digital input and defaulted to the SPDIF from my V-LINK 192 (sounded awesome).

I have recently moved house and moved my overture to a different room.  My Beolab 5's are now connected to a BV7-40.  I was hoping to utilise the DVD player on the BV7-40 to generate a CD output and therefore be able to use my V-LINK192 in a similar way.  However, it does not seem to work and even with a SPDIF input the Beolab 5s play the CD in the BV7-40 (not the music sent to the SPDIF input. 

Is there a way of using the BV7-40 to generate a 'CD' output signal to the Beolabs - or do I need to connect my overture up from a different room by masterlink?

Thoughts/solutions would be much appreciated.


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only CD as source will trigger the spdif signal in your bl5. I think you would play a CD in your bv7 by activating the DVD source. so I guess you need your overture.

how do you cope with the auto standby on the overture?

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