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Beogram 5000 tonearm problem

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Thorstein posted on Wed, Jan 24 2018 10:18 PM

Good people of beoworld,

I recently got hold of a neat beo 5000 system with a BM 5000, MCP 5000 and a Beogram 5000. I also came across the corresponding attyca 2 bench/storage unit, which has to be the most wacky piece of furniture I have ever owned. Anyways, I did some work on the BM 5000, which now sounds mighty good, but I am having some trouble with the beogram which I have no idea how to deal with:

The controls and everything seem to work ok, but the tonearm has a tendency to lift back up a second or so after it drops down onto the edge of the record. In fact it does so almost every time I press play, only one in about 10 tries it actually starts playing, and when it does it plays through the whole record without problems.

I had a look inside and this is the current situation:

To my eyes it does not look too bad, but there is obviously something wrong with the small plastic part in the third picture above. It fell out of the beogram as I carried it from one table to another and I spent the best part of a week scouring my living room floor until I finally discovered it hiding underneath the sofa. It seems to have been glued to the white patch to it's immediate left in the photo, but it has now come loose, possibly during transport on the long and rocky road leading to the farm where I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I haven't done anything to the innards of the beogram, and was told it had been in regular use up to a few months before I bought it, so I am thinking oxidized conrtacts etc. might not be the major issue here. In any case I thought I would clear up my concern with the little black plastic bit before I do anything else. 

There is a bit of wear to one side of the cylindrical part protruding from the top of the plastic part, which I am guessing comes from interaction with the metal rod/spring thingy right above it in the photo. Might it be that the spring should be resting against the plastic part in some way, and could this be what is causing the issues I am having with the tone arm not wanting to stay down once it has dropped onto the record?

I'd be thankful for any help I could get with this problem,

- Thorstein

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Hello Thorstein!


The Beogram 5000 I have is as good as new even though it is 30+ years old, it hasn't been used one bit during that period. It has just arrived and I tested it, but I think I have the same problem as you. I do not dare to open it before I get some info on the issue.

Have you found a solution to your problem?


Best regards,



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