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My B&O is more than specs

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Barry Santini
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Barry Santini Posted: Sat, Jan 13 2018 1:07 PM
With B&O’s withdrawal from in house video, their attempt to keep up individually with the rapid pace of video technology is now over.

That’s why, to me, it is even more satisfying to sit down and enjoy the gestalt of my BV9 and attached speakers and peripherals. All work wonderfully and seamlessly together. And the plasma picture is still quite satisfying, thank you very much. As it my Avant 32 CRT.

New video content however, is not. Given a choice, there really is no choice.

And it is clear that software-based products do not lie within B&O’s core capabilities.


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Jeff replied on Sat, Jan 13 2018 2:52 PM

"New" is not always better is it? And plasma was a technology that died for reasons unrelated to performance. I've never seen a plasma set that had the motion artifacts of the newer technology sets. But, an awful lot of what the consumer electronic business does, in the whole, is to try and get people to churn their gear by promising new, improved, if you don't have (insert buzzword here) you're just not cool tech that often isn't and is there only to make you change your gear out before it's dead.

The Masterlink stuff I have, no waiting for it to boot, to connect to a network, it just works, when you want it, without any drama. And you're right on the mark, s/w is not a core strength of B&O, nor apparently is selecting a good company to outsource it to.

The future is often not what we were led to believe sadly. Where's my jetpack?


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