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Beoplay V1

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VALERY77 posted on Mon, Jan 8 2018 9:53 AM

Hi Everyone,


I have had my V1  for over 4 years and worked perfectly until a month ago.

Suddenly the TV stopped responding to the remote and it just doesn't react at all.


I have to completely unplug  the tv , then plug in again and turn  on with the app which sometimes takes ages and then control it trough the app.Talke to my local dealer but they ve never heard of such a problem.

Any suggestions guys?



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Pat replied on Mon, Jan 8 2018 10:25 AM
Hello Velery77,

I would suspect VE , the fault with IR eye is much smaller.

I have BV11-40 with the same problem, will have to go through fault finding.
Keith Saunders
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Talked to my local dealer but they've never heard of such a problem.

Your dealer may have not heard of the problem, but clearly you have a problem which needs to be fixed with their assistance.

I am assuming you have checked the batteries in your remote control?

Regards Keith....

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There were ‘reports’ on the forum about a faulty ir-receiver part in the tv.

However, I don’t know how that worked out in the end.

You could try to contact user Griebel via the internal mail on the forum:


And by the way welcome to Beoworld.



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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