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Which blinds

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Seanie_230 posted on Sun, Jan 7 2018 12:25 AM
Hello all

I have my BLGW in my home with NL, Nest and some other bits including a camera.

In my old house I had a curtain track activated by a global cache IP2CC but there was no feedback to if it was open or closed.

I had Phillips hue but think in my new house I might go for Lutron as it’s by far the best looking although a closed system which needs dealers.

I am thinking I might get a graphic eye QS so I can grow my system as tune goes by.

So I want to put some blinds in my living room, I am thinking about three blinds connected together, I want to be able to incorporate them in Lutron if I go that way in the future which is likely unless their closed systems causes them to loose the race especially since things like hue and others are around.

So any idea how much the blinds cost?

Can I use Lutron blinds with the BKGW in isolation before I expend the system later?

Where can I buy some any recommendations as the dealer searcher doesn’t provide known rated installers?


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You can get the Lutron programming software by paying a fee and doing the online dealer training. It's not cheap. Or, maybe your dealer would be willing to give you the software. Something worth negotiating. Note that there can be two levels of software and training. The level 1 programming software is sufficient for most needs. However, level 2 is needed for some devices. I believe that the new Apple Homekit capable bridge needs level 2. The programming software is amazingly easy to use. It's a shame that Lutron doesn't provide it to the customer. I suspect this is a hold-over of the days of forcing us to use and pay installers for our home automation. Probably the hardest part is figuring out how to get it to work on Windows running on a Mac. The tech support can help you with that very quickly, though. It's a common issue.

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Kiran replied on Tue, Jan 23 2018 8:42 AM
No idea how much the blinds are but I was advised around £800 for Sivoia blinds on a normal window.

You need the blinds power supply and controller which comes as a 10 channel (10 window) box hidden away and wire each channel to each window.

Then you need to program one of the Lutron buttons and the up, down buttons to control. I have no idea on the programming side.



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mjmedlo replied on Wed, Jan 24 2018 11:53 AM
The blinds are around 1200 US
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