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BeoRemote one or beo4

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bramble posted on Sat, Dec 16 2017 7:01 PM

I have bv7-40 mk5 m/l to beosound 3000, I currently use a beo4 but was thinking of going down the beoremote one route ( non bt type).

Is the new remote better ? Or should I just stick with the beo4


Beovision 7 40 mk 5 ,beovision 6x3,   beosound 3000, beogram 3300 , 2 x lc2, 2 x beocom 1401, beocom 6000 x 2,  5 x beo4, 

, 4 x beolab 4's, form 2, h2, a2,a1 and a beolab 2 😀😀




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Sal replied on Sat, Dec 16 2017 10:42 PM

I have both the BeoRemote One and Beo4. My wife and I prefer the Beo4 for our use case, multiple sources with a one touch access, and we can feel around the remote without looking at it. Just our preference, however we both agree the BeoRemote One looks amazing in comparison to the Beo4.

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I totally agree. The BEO4 is far more intuitive than the BR One, especially if you have a B&O audio system ex bs3000 besides ex Avant 55.. The BR One drives me crazy with all the touches needed to switch comandos between audio and video system. On the BEO4, it you press tv, the tv lights on. If you press cd, the cd starts.Now, try that on a BR One

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Razlaw replied on Sun, Feb 17 2019 5:18 PM
I also have both. Sometimes the Beo 4 seems easier to use but not sure if that is due to the remote or due to the fact I have been using a Beo 4 for more than 15 years and the BeoRemote 1 for just a few months.

As for one touch access, it is similiar to the Beo 4. I press one button to turn on TV, one button switches to CD, one button switches to Net Radio, one button switches to Net Music. This is actually simpler than on the Beo 4 where one must first press list to bring up the Net Radio or Net Music and then select.
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Hiort replied on Sun, Feb 17 2019 5:19 PM

On the BEO4, it you press tv, the tv lights on. If you press cd, the cd starts.Now, try that on a BR One

When I press TV on my BR One the TV starts.

When I press Music Tunein starts on my Moment. (Can be configured to start Deezer as well).

I have a Beovision 11-46





Livingroom: BL3, BL11, BV11-46 Kitchen: Beosound 1 GVA, Beocom 2 Bathroom: M3 Library: A6, Beocom 6000 Bedroom: M5 Office: Beocom 2 Travel: Beoplay E8 2.0, Beoplay P2

Rob - Danish AV
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set the 3 or 4(depending on remote) custom buttons to do what you want... CD, TV, ATV, etc.

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beojeff replied on Sun, Feb 17 2019 11:35 PM

Being a big fan of the Beo4, I disliked the BeoRemote One at first. However, it eventually became my remote of choice. My biggest problem with the BeoRemote One is that it lacks the tactility of the Beo4. It's not as easy to use in the dark if you need to access the numeric or even the "back" button. If you only have an ML system WITH NO BLGW, then the Beo4 is good for you. However, once you start expanding to NL and/or use a BLGW, then the BeoRemote One is far better. You can edit the source buttons and rename them and you can also edit and rename the LIGHT and CONTROL functions. I would add that the BeoRemote BT has a HUGE benefit over the non-BT version. You can easily upgrade the software with any B&O BT devices. I've already seen more CONTROL functions added with the BT version. Also, the LIST button is in a more ergonomic positioned with the BT remote.

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