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Help to link a 3500 speaker and 7/40?

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KenJ posted on Sat, Dec 2 2017 7:00 PM

I have been a B&O owner for many years but this my first post and forgive me if the answers are already out there! I originally had an Avant and 4 X 6000 speakers and a Beosound 3000 in one room and a 3500 in another. No problem communicating with each other. The Avant is now retired and a new room has the 3000, 2 X 600 speakers and a 7/40 TV. The original has 2 X 6000 speakers and a 7/32 TV. The 3500 rests in its original place. They all have an ML connection and the 3500 happily talks to the 3000 as do the two TVs. I have reset the 7/32 to option 5 and the 3500 is set to 6 and now picks up the sat tv sound from the 7/40 but not TV. Also, and critically,  I can't get it to reproduce any sound when my xbox 360 plays on the 7/40 using VMEM - the corresponding response from the 3500 is VTAPE - hate to upset it by telling it that vtape on the Avant is dead. I am using the xbox as a 'cd' store!! 


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