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Beovision 10? and Will

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Graham1982 posted on Fri, Nov 10 2017 8:06 PM

Can anybody advise on this:


Neighbour has the Beovision pictured. I thought it was a Beovision 10 but now I am not so sure and neither is neighbour.


I believe it is LCD and is about 3 years old.


Anyway, trying to connect Wii to it via a scart adaptor which appears to convert from an S Video socket. 


Anyway static colour picture that does not move at all, it seems that it crashes.

HDMI adaptor when plugged into Wii and HDMI socket on TV just creates a blank picture.


I assume via composite some sort of adaptor with processor in it needs deploying.






PS I don't have new post CRT gear hence vague model description. Also how to upload pic from phone?

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