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Second room options - BL3, BL18 or Shape to support BV7-40

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Beer_Baron posted on Wed, Nov 8 2017 12:22 PM

Current state of play: main room has a BV7-40 with 7.4 centre speaker, BL5 front speakers, BL3 rear. Another room has BL3s for music.

Proposal: Eclipse to replace BV7 in main room. The BV7-40 goes to second room (replacing an older TV) with BL3s for side speakers.

Question 1: Are the BL3s enough for stereo sound? The second room is a kitchen/ dining room area, with obstructions (not open plan). The TV there is only used to watch the news and occasional sitcom DVD, or perhaps to keep watching the main room film while getting a drink/popcorn etc from the kitchen. Serious film watching and music happens in the main room. Having the TV swivel on the floor stand is very practical, due to the obstructions - viewing from either the kitchen or the dining room requires a change in swivel.

Question 2: I could have BL18s in the second room. I tend to listen to more music there because it becomes a de facto study/common room (the main room is too formal for that). I have always lusted after the BL8000s for years (more than 10) and the BL18s are so sweet.

Question 3: do I need some sort of sub woofer with either the BL18 or BL3 options?

Question 4: the BS Shape is terrific - saw it for the first time today. How does this compare to a pair of BL18s? Does it need a sub woofer? It cannot be positioned near the BV7 so it cannot act as stereo speakers, so it would be an additional purchase.

Keeping it real: Buying the Eclipse is a major purchase. To buy anything more means a delay of years, perhaps. I can't have it all. But curious to know what people think of the way these options interact.

BV6-26, BV7-40, BL7.4, BL3, BL5, BS9000, BC1, ES1, Beo4, BeoPort

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