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Beautiful Old Kit - Still Soldiering On, but Needs Help Please!

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Bill Fraser
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Bill Fraser posted on Tue, Nov 7 2017 1:23 PM

I have a Beomaster 5500 (connected to the full 5500 system of Beogram 5500, Beogram CD 5500, and Beocord 5500) all controlled by a Master Control Panel 5500 and driving Beolab Penta speakers. I've had all since new, and have experienced very few problems over the 30-odd years that I've had them. However, the Beomaster 5500 has developed a problem. I wonder if anyone can help please?

I was recording an old vinyl LP from the Beogram to the Beocord tape deck and everything was working normally. When I'd finished Side 1 of the LP, recording stopped normally and I turned the LP over to Side 2. However, when I started to record Side 2, there was no longer any audio output from the speakers. Audio of Side 1 was recorded normally on the tape. None of the possible sources (radio, CD, phono, or tape) now seems to be being amplified through the Beomaster to the speakers.

The tiny red Standby LED on the front of the Beomaster is no longer illuminated when the unit is powered on. When the manual "ON" switch on the front panel is pushed, the Standby LED briefly flashes on and then remains out. When the MCP is used to try to switch on the Beomaster, the MCP display announces "No Contact", and this is accompanied by a similar blink of the Beomaster Standby LED, which then remains out.

I suspect that there may be a similar problem to one that I experienced some time ago. The Beogram CD 5500 had stopped recognising burned CD's. It transpired that after 30 years of use and continuous standby, some of the capacitors in the CD5500 had (not unreasonably) lost the plot. Could there be a similar reason for this new problem with the Beomaster? If so, can anyone suggest how I might fix it please?

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