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Damaged Beogram 6500 - help!

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jgharrison86 posted on Sat, Nov 4 2017 10:46 AM


Firstly please forgive my ignorance on this matter - I am something of a novice regarding b+o turntables.

I recently acquired a Beogram 6500, but realised when unpacking it, that it has taken a serious knock in transit. 

The first thing I noticed was that the stylus had taken a hit and been knocked out of position up through the cantilever. I have since sent the cartridge off to FJS tonabnehmerservice to be inspected and fixed.

Secondly, when I connect the turntable, the tone arm doesn't move at all. I'm not sure whether the servo is simply not functioning or there is another issue.

Finally, the lid seemed to be loose and out of place, and when lifting it, I realised that the tubular plastic mounts (on both sides) have broken. Scanning the internet, I haven't managed to find any replacements for these. Would anybody happen to know of where I could find these? or would it be best to look of for a another faulty turntable to salvage them from?

I don't feel at all experienced enough to start tinkering too much, so could anybody recommend somebody who might be able to undertake these repairs? I'm based between London and Paris.

Thanks in advance for any help!





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Orava replied on Thu, Nov 9 2017 11:21 AM

Have you disk on the platter? Without it wont move. If so, you have to open chassis to see inside.


 blah-blah and photographs as needed

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