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Beolink 7000 - getting there...

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London Calling
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London Calling posted on Fri, Oct 27 2017 10:41 AM

Hi there,

Got a new (well let's say - 'another') BL7000 -  Type 1631 SW: 3.1

All seems to work including 2-way comms and RDS from a BM7000

Quick question -

Pressing 'Control' should allegedly allow me to choose source 2 to control while listening to source 1. However, tapping 'Control' brings up the page with today's date/time and the option to program the date/time.

Anyone seen this - is it a known issue?


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Somebody replaced the glass panel with the wrong part, a older version.

A 1631 has no "Control" button... there is "Clock" instead.


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