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Can't get passive speakers to come on

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tlnieman posted on Wed, Sep 20 2017 12:09 AM

I have a problem with a system that installed in my house before I bought it. Forgive me if I misstate something - I am not an expert on how all of this works.

I have a BEOSound 9000 with two active speaker sets (BEOLab 8000 and BEOLab 3500) and three passive sets (CX100 and two others) with transceivers.  The passives route through a ML/MCL Converter and a relay box (MCL 2A BLI).  I can not get the passive speakers to respond to the remote at the transceiver. Nothing seems to happen.  I have this problem on occasion and can usually play with the remotes until I get it to work, but not this time. In 2012 I got a tech on the phone from the San Francisco store to walk me through a set of steps to get it to work.  Unfortunately, I did not write the steps down - I think the issue was getting the passive speakers to recognize the same source (CD, whatever) as the BEOSound9000 system.

Does that make sense to anyone? I have tried every sequence of steps with both my BEO4 and BeoLink 1000 remotes. I suppose I could have a different and worse problem, but I'm hoping it's just a series of remote control steps.


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