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Problem with BeoSystem 3 controlling a Panasonic D7 panel

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Nigel posted on Sun, Sep 16 2012 1:52 PM

I need some advice on setting up a newley aquired BeoSystem 3. I have this plugged into a 42" Panasonic D7 panel. When it was first used with the BS3 it was auto-detected as a BeoVision 4 D7 panel but would only display the TV picture until the auto detect was turned off. Unfortunatley this has introduced a new problem.

When the system is set to a Non-B&O panel I can set the correct resolution and the picture looks great but the panel does not switch off when the system is shutdown.

If I set it up manually as a BeoVision 4 screen the BS3 controls the screen and I get a picture for multiple sources but I cannot set the resolution. I'm able to choose different resolutions but they have no effect on the picture which seems to be on an incorrect resolution (the menu fills half the screen!).

Any suggestions on how I set the correct resolution and control the panel are welcome.

Thanks, Nigel.

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