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North America: would you buy B&O again?

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BeoFrederic posted on Mon, Aug 21 2017 2:38 AM

My first post at this great resource. I’m looking for your advice and thoughts.

I’ve owned B&O gear since the ‘70s.  I have a motley collection of classic B&O, right up to BeoPlay H7.  I love the brand, and despite some frustration over the years with compatibilty, build quality, and repair, I am a fan.

I have a 4.1 setup with BL 800s in front, BL 6000 surrounds, and 3rd party sub and A/V receiver.  I’ve been thinking of moving the 8000s to the surrounds, selling the 6000s, and upgrading the fronts, perhaps to a pair of BL20s.  That would represent a significant investment for me, one that requires a lot of careful consideration.  Not an impulse buy.

However....!  The last store in Bay Area (Palo Alto) just closed.  Perhaps worse, the only B&O repair shop in the area  that I know of (L&M in Daly City) just closed.  It’s now an overnight trip to audition speakers, either in LA or Portland.  I have no idea how I’d get repair work done.

Would you recommit to B&O in these circumstances? 

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Closing the Houston store during that situation is really dumb. How are people going to replace their equipment due to the water damage? This is the worst PR a company could have.

It unfortunately closed prior to Harvey. The Austin store has closed as well. From the recent earnings call, they mention a restructuring of the NA dealer network. Not sure what that means, or if it is a company led initiative.
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I thought I'd add my take to this thread, as I am a reader but seldom poster.

Today, I would not buy B&O again.  I have a large collection of what I consider their "Classic" era gear.

It is elegant, stylish, pretty darn reliable and it's paid for.

Today's B&O has become cheapened but overpriced.  Audio is one thing, but investing in a B&O TV set has to be insanity due to constantly changing standards and codecs that B&O is not forward compatible with.  Sadly, they heyday of the brand, as well as the stores, are gone.

But I treasure my existing gear.  Will never let it go.

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Tucker replied on Wed, Feb 14 2018 10:16 PM



The last store in Bay Area (Palo Alto) just closed.  Perhaps worse, the only B&O repair shop in the area  that I know of (L&M in Daly City) just closed.  It’s now an overnight trip to audition speakers, either in LA or Portland.  I have no idea how I’d get repair work done.

I'm somewhat amused by the fact that, in every email I get from Beoplay there is a store locator.   Why do they want to advertise the fact that, with around a dozen stores remaining in the US, that means that there's 1 store per 25 million population, meaning essentially that there's NO store near you?   Just sayin'..

Yeah, that always amuses me too. Let's advertise the fact we're a dying niche brand in the US! That'll get us more business! It's like the Underpants Gnomes in South Park:

1. Advertise the fact we have no dealers.

2. ?????

3. Profit!

If the opportunity existed to buy, new, the equipment I have (BS9000, BL9, BL8000, etc.) I would if I was in the market for a new setup. But, given today's B&O, with the lack of dealers, and the current products (overpriced, under-reliable, problematic performance issues, and not as good looking), the answer is no, I'm no longer a B&O customer apparently. Maybe in the future if they get their kit together, but today, not a chance sadly.

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Sal replied on Thu, Feb 15 2018 12:05 AM

I do love the small number of B&O items I do have, and they're solid, working, reliable and hopefully will last for years. Once their warranties are up, if something goes wrong, however, I'll likely second guess paying for a repair and take that as my cue to stay or leave the brand.

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beotex replied on Thu, Feb 15 2018 4:13 AM
Well, I took a leap of faith and just kitted out the house with all new gear - Avant, BL18, BL19, BS2, A6, and Core. I am very impressed and happy so far with the WISA / netlink / multiroom capability. I’m working on integrating my older masterlink equipment, but not there yet.

I’ve been assured the Pro Partner network can support me - we shall see. Fingers crossed...

I love my older gear, but my Beovision 7’s seem ancient in form and function compared to the Avant.
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jk1002 replied on Thu, Feb 15 2018 6:47 AM

Where are you located? Is there a way to see who the Pro Partner are? In order for me to spend money again or higher value items B&O would need to explain to me how they provide service, it would need to go as far as sending me packaging materials and picking the product up.

i mean, how am I supposed to pack  a 50” TV if I need to mail it in. Thats the show stopper for me right now.

I am in the bay and had bought some things from a dealer in Seattle who was great, so smaller items for sure I will keep picking up.


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I will gladly give up a little technology and a lot of pizzaz for quality and timeless look.

Adding the center channel to a surround setup will be a great improvement. I would be far comfortable with a matching series 7 center speaker from a reputable reseller and getting proper cabling from Steve. That would make a classic B&O kit that will be chugging along long after B&O is sold at pharmacies and serviced at landfills.

This is why you still see so many 80s-90s Mercedes on the road. Robustness was signature. B&O was like that and beautiful through about BeoLab 9. Once they became completely digital, chips and boards and $10 amplifiers shortened their fitness, and quality service went through the window. Still beautiful. 

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