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My Beosystem 5000 automatically lowers volume at 40

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jscottamy posted on Tue, Aug 15 2017 4:05 AM

So I have a Beosystem 5000 which works mostly great.  But recently, it started automatically turning down the volume at 40 - always keeping a steady 38-40 - which is very annoying, as you can imagine when you want to listen to anything remotely loud.  

At first I thought it was an automatic muting, but couldn't make it stop using the Master Control Panel either.  


Anybody ever have this problem?  Or know how to fix this? 

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This is a feature of the design,to protect the amplifier and speaker's.

What speakers are you using,are they B&O?

The system should play  loud,but  will self protect if the loading of the amplifier is too great,eg,if speakers are too low impedance etc.


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