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antiskate, or something else... (BG5000)

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beopaul posted on Fri, Sep 14 2012 4:18 AM

I'm trying to adjust the anti-skate on a BeoGram 5000 I picked up (radial arm, like the RX2 has). In spite of the antiskate screw (on the underside) set properly for a MMC4 cartridge, it was too strong to the point of distorting the sound, with the cantilever visibly skewing toward the hub. Opening up the case and moving the adjustment stud helped, but it's over 30 degrees from where it was, is now tucked under the tonearm, and still seems a bit too strong.

I checked and the turntable is level.  Could there be anything else going on here, or is this normal?

--- Paul

edit: Doh!  Embarrassed  Just after  I posted this, I discovered the "Beogram 24l00 'skating' problem" thread (  Looks like might need to do a little cleaning and re-lubricating.

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Søren Mexico
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yes sir, and lub, lub lub, and reset the antiskating to where it was, the 5000 is one of the best Beograms ever.

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