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devolo dLAN or AVM FRITZ!Powerline

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bigdeniz posted on Thu, Aug 3 2017 9:49 AM

I want to buy a solution where i can route my network over the Powerline/Mains. There are two solutions on the market in germany. 

One ist the devolo dLAN and the other solution is the AVM FRITZ!Powerline. 

Which one should i take? The devolo dLAN is recommended by B&O and the AVM FRITZ!Powerline is more compatible with my FritzBox.

Do you have any experience with one of the two systems and B&O products?


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Lots of LAN over power systems on the market. I use TP-Links AV 1200mbps 3-port adapters all over the house and connect all Networked enabled B&O. 

Works flawlessly. Available from Amazon et al

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Yeah, you can even mix powerline adapters from different manufacturers (although pairing them can sometimes involve a bit of trial and error).

The 1200Mbps products are usually much better than the old 500Mbps products as the newer powerline chipset makes use of the earth cable too (if present!).

The WiFi implementation in some of the TP-link adapters is rather buggy so best to choose another manufacturer is you want a device with wifi built in, but the non-wifi TP-link adapters seem okay.


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