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BLGW version 1.5.2 not booting up

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Steven_London posted on Wed, Aug 2 2017 8:47 PM

Hello all,

Just experienced a very strange problem. My BLGW is running the latest firmware, version 1.5.2 (90), I upgraded a while back and had no issues during the upgrade. Everything has been working fine until tonight when I power cycled the BLGW and now it's stuck in the boot cycle (flashing green light) and the error message "BLGW is not ready to accept connections (503), we will retry in 5 seconds." displayed on the web interface.

I had an issue on the ML which I correct, hence the power cycle, but the gateway will not boot either connected to the ML or not connected.

Is there any way to access the logs to see what is going on without the interface being up?



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