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Connecting an A/V 7000 to Penta 1 speakers and Penta display

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John posted on Wed, Aug 2 2017 12:33 AM

Hi BeoWorld,

I could not find anything on-line about this subject.

I just got my hands on an AV7000.  I currently have my Penta 1’s hooked up to a Beomaster 5500 (I just purchased a Beomaster 7000 as well) but would like to add the surround processor to add rear speakers and a center channel.  I forgot my Penta only have the 4 pin connector and not the newer one that is either 8 or 9 pins round one.  Is there a converter to make them compatible?  

Also, side questions... for the Penta’s, is there a way to disable the display?  I like it showing on one speaker but find it distracting with it is showing on both and it isn’t needed.

Thanks BeoWorld!!!!  Glad I found these forums.  

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Filip replied on Fri, Sep 25 2020 12:45 PM

You probably already know the answers by now but just in case:

For the display issue: use a full mounted powerlink cable for the one you want the display to show, and just a half mounted powerlink cable for the other one.

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