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BeoVision 11 sound output issue

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kammeri posted on Sat, Jul 1 2017 7:51 PM


Our BeoVision has an erratic, yet annoying sound output issue. The TV is hooked up in a 5.0 setup with BL5's as front speakers. We have used diverse speakers as rears.

When setting up the system everything works fine. However, when the TV is powered off and the next day on again, there is no sound from the BL5's, even though they are on (i.e. green light). Other channels work fine. The only way to get them to play again is to disconnect the rears, delete the speaker group and reprogram it. After this the rears can be connected and the system plays as a 5.0 system until it's powered off again.

The cables are fully wired B&O original MkII's. The sound issue is not caused by source since there is no sound from the BL5's even in speaker level adjusting mode (i.e. pink noise generated by the TV). There is no SPDIF cable on the BL5's and they are in Option 0. The BeoVision is on its latest firmware and there are no other issues with it.

Question 1: Has anyone encountered this kind of sound fall out on their BeoVision or BeoSystem?

Question 2: Does anyone have any idea on how to proceed with this issue?



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Was your system set up yourself, or by a pro installer?
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