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Video doorbell with BLGW and KNX

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BeoHut posted on Tue, Jun 27 2017 6:25 PM

Dear members,

Recently I've installed my new BLGW and connected it with my NL-products and my KNX-system for lights. What a terrific system. I created some macro's and everything works like a charm.

Now I want to purchase a video-doorbell. I've looked at brands like Ring, Doorbird and Skybell HD.

I want to integrate the doorbel in the BLGW and my KNX-system.

Do you have any experience in a video doorbell? With the Home Control on my BV, I would like to see when someone is at the door? 

Any recommendations and advice before purchasing a bell?


Thanks in advance, BeoHut

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1Home replied on Tue, Feb 25 2020 2:35 PM

Amazon Ring Video Doorbell is a great way to upgrade your smart home and gain control over who’s at your driveway. Add it to your Loxone, Gira or KNX smart home by integrating a smart assistant platform (Amazon Alexa or Google Home).

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If 2N works use that, on every home automation project we have done Doorbird has been ripped out.

It is just not configurable enough and the app is no where near as good as Ring IMHO.

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huwtec replied on Sun, May 24 2020 11:53 AM
Hi chucky

I am trying to connect the DoorBird camera to my BLGW and I have used the streams you posted above but I have a “Error Loading Camera” message on the webpanel. I have included a picture of what I have entered below, any idea what I am doing wrong?



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I'm in the same situation as BeoHut with BLI and KNX -  but have invested in a Dahua Doorbell (VHT2000 xx) which is unstable and cannot integrate to KNX or BLI, so now im considering to replace it with DoorBird.

Quistion. I get it, that you can have the DoorBird to trigger my BLI (and hereby my KNX system too) - but can you also have the BLI to trigger the DoorBird (opposite direction) e.g. to Open the Door via the BLI app?  with my Dahua i can open the door via the iphone app.


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chucky replied on Sun, Aug 16 2020 1:35 PM

Try Using this stream



I have IP but you need to take yours

Install VLC it is free so you can check your stream


On the BLI it is easier, it discovers onvif

I use a IIyama touch screen in the hall as soon as someone rings I pick up the screen and fire a Hue plug to start the screen for 2 minutes

 In the living I get the picture on my BS4 / LG77 no idea what I programmed?



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Hi all

I am considering a door bird for my front door, not to unlock it as the hardware is not installed mainly just for a doorbell and view when someone knows on the door.

The BLI is in essential mode so does the doorbird support auto find on ONVIF?

I see there is one on eBay

Would this thing work standalone and give the announcement on the home control screen when movement is detected ?

Is this able to work standalone?


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