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Correct way to connect? BeoSound5+BeoMaster5+BeoLab5+BeoVision10

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jeanryu posted on Sat, Sep 8 2012 4:00 PM

I have purchased a new BeoVision10-46 and the dealer installed Option 2 for the BeoVision10 and Option 0 for the BeoMaster5.  The SPDIF cables run from BeoMaster 5 to the BeoVision 10 and two BeoLab 5s are connected from BV10 by PowerLink.  BeoMaster 5 and TV is also connected using the HDMI and MasterLink.

My question is whether there is a way to keep SPDIF connection from BeoMaster5 to the BeoLab5s.  I would like to carry the digital signal to the BeoLab5.  One way I can think of is to use option 1 for both BeoSound5 and the TV and keep the old setting where spdif from BM5 was run through the pair of BL5s.

Will it function properly if I connect as follows?

SPDIF from BM5 connected to BL5 digital in

Digital out from BL5 to the other BL5 digital in

Digital out from the second BL5 to the BV10 SPDIF in

PowerLinks from BV10 to both BL5s.

Keep option2 for TV and option0 for BeoSound5.


In addition, what difference will there be, if I select option 1 for both?


Thank you. 

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