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Beogram 3000 (1985-1986) tangential tracking Arm questions

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SamuelT posted on Wed, Jun 7 2017 7:28 PM
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Hi All

Sorry a bit of a long post but trying to give as much detail as possible.

For the last four years I have been the custodian of my dads Beocentre 9500 that he has owned since 1989, he was the Authorised dealer in the late 80's early 90's in Inverness, Scotland.   It is matched up to a pair of CX100 speakers that I have reconditioned with new foam surrounds. The sound, in my opinion  is very decent (Plocebo's self titled CD album sounds fantastic!) and as a family " heirloom" I plan to pass it on to my daughter one day to enjoy.

When my wife asked me what i wanted for my 40th birthday present I decided that I would go a little more retro than usual and get a Record player, I thought long and hard about new or old (B&O) and in the end we decided that a Beogram was the way forward (or back).  We settled on 1985-86 Beogram 3000, with it's Datalink and similar if not a little older looks to the 9500.  In time it may need more work than a new record player but that's a risk I am willing to take.

So what wrong with it you ask ;-)

It arrived yesterday and the sound started of terrible! I used my daughter £14.99 ($20) microscope to look at the MMC4 cartridge and even it could tell me that it needed good clean, afterwards the sound improved slightly.  I adjusted the counter weighting to 1.2g and then through to 2g but nothing really made a difference.  Then at around 10:30pm I touched the arm while it was playing, the arm sat down about 3mm (0.1inch) and the sound vastly improved!!

This morning when I could play it a little louder it was very clear.  The downside is that I need to very gently touch the arm nearly every time I play a record to get it to sit right.  I have checked the cartridge and the arm is not stiff/bend/damaged in anyway.  Can anyone help?  is this a common issue? your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, another niggling issue is that when I play a single, it lifts the record, sets the speed to 45 moves the arm across but then drops it 5mm (0.14 inch) from the edge of the record.  To counter act this I have to hit "play" then "Lift >" then when the arm motor stops , press " < Turn" to move it over the record then press "play". Is there anyway to re-set the single landing position?  strangely when i press "< Turn" and move the arm to the right after the single has started to play it will not go past the correct location of the edge of the single.

And... Should i change the belt?

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you have any info that may help me, i would very much appreciate your advice.

than you


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Congrats on the new old table.

Firstly, the sound issues you describe are due to worn suspension in the cartridge. It will need to be replaced or rebuilt.

If it runs quiet with accrue speeds, the belts should be fine for now.

The adjustment procedures are detailed in the service manual, the pictures there are helpful.
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