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Beomaster 3300 hum

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Ben Smith
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Ben Smith posted on Sat, May 20 2017 10:12 AM

Yesterday one of my Beomaster 3300's developed a hum... Crying

It's quite noticeable, and is at the same level on all speaker outputs and on all inputs (including radio) except phono - where it is slightly louder and has a deeper pitch to it.  It disappears when unit is muted.  Music still produced, and is undistorted.

Am I right in thinking this is probably one of the caps on the Power Supply board?  If so, which is the main culprit - and what value/rating should I use as a replacement. Confused

Have decided to unplug it all, and not use it until I've investigated further - don't want to do any more damage....and besides I'm moving house in 4 days!  Lightning

Just picked up a pair of Mk1 Beovox HT5000's, too - although not plugged them in yet (was waiting 'till after the move).  I suspect these could do with a re-cap, too.  Hmm

All advice greatly appreciated!



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