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Beosound 1 - ghost in the machine?!

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AdamS posted on Wed, May 17 2017 1:14 PM

Bit of a strange one, this, but does anyone know if you can look at a Beosound 1 on any of the B&O apps and find out what is playing through it?

The reason I ask is that I was merrily minding my own business yesterday evening and was, in fact, cleaning and servicing a very nice B&O Beosystem 5000 that I bought last weekend. I had been doing this for an hour or so and all was peaceful and industrious.

Then, all of a sudden,our new Beosound 1 suddenly burst into life behind me and started playing what appeared to be a German classical music radio station (doubly strange as I'm located on the south coast of the UK).

I checked my iPad and iPhone and neither seemed to think that they were transmitting anything - I shut them both off and no change - still music. A friend's phone was still in the bluetooth menu so i removed that, but still no change. The only way I managed to stop it in the end was to set something playing on Spotify through the Beosound on the iPad and then shut it off, and the Beosound 1 went back to sleep!

The only other possible explanation I can think of is that I had not long previously powered up the Beocord 5000 cassette deck - does this have a streaming facility that no-one knew of previously? If so, how do you switch it off, or re-set it to English at least?! Wink

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Could it be the always-open Bluetooth connection?

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In former times I would suggest an amateur radio operator in your neighborhood ;-)

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Hiort replied on Wed, May 17 2017 6:15 PM
It has happened to my BS1 that it plays a random German station from Tunein.

It did not switch on by itself.





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Was it perhaps "Kulturradio vom rbb 92.4 FM"? :)

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