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Posting a lot of pics in a thread

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Søren Mexico
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Søren Mexico posted on Sun, Mar 4 2012 8:01 AM

When I make a thread or Wiki with a lot of pics, first I have to upload them, that's no problem it works like it should, but when I post these pics in a thread I click the 35 Mm film strip and get to the post pics window, I get Soren's files and then click the triangle to the left, one more time I get "Soren's files, click there and then get my folders, click there and get the folder from where I want to post my pics, post the pic, write more, then want to post one more pic, and has to do all this all over again.

It must be possible to get back to the folder with the pics, where you were, instead of of starting from scratch every time.

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Yes, it is a pain.

You even can't (or at least the way I tried) to upload a string of images through multiple selections ... and then add the text later, inserting it between the images


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