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BeoCenter AV5 on Beo5?

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CrazyCatman Posted: Thu, Apr 6 2017 9:09 AM

I like my silver coloured BeoCenter AV5, and finding a cheap, mint condition Beo5 I took the bite. Out of the box it worked fine with it (turn on, turn off, change channels, start the CD-player, start the (non-connected) radio - but couldn't find the menu for the stand (maybe I should read the user manual).

However as I do not use neither my BeoCenter AV5, nor my BeoVision MX7000 for watching TV, I wanted to add custom logos for what I use it for; watching movies, and playing on vintage computers, where I have programmed a channel for some of them (even those who use the same channel), so just for the "porn factor" I want to add an Amiga logo for my Amiga channel, and a Commodore logo for the Commodore 64 and VIC channel, Atari for Atari and so on.

But to do this, I need to set up the remote from scratch, and I am therefore afraid to kill the current setting; no problem - except: I can not find the BeoCenter AV5 in the setup: I can see BeoCenter 1 and BeoCenter 6 - and BeoVision MX8000 (I suppose I can use this for my MX7000).

I was considering if I can use one the BeoCenter 1 - but this has a DVD-player, which my AV5 do not have, as it only have CD-player...

Is there a way to program the AV5 into the remote as a complete unit - or preferebly; downloading the XLM and insert it in the Video - BeoCenter folder under products?

I use Configuration Tool 6.48 (Offline) on Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit.

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